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Best Thermal Compound Paste For gaming PC

Gaming PCs can be extremely noisy, especially when running at full load. This is often due to the high-speed fans required to keep the system cool. While a case with good airflow can help, one of the best ways to quiet down a gaming PC is to apply a layer of thermal compound paste to the CPU and heatsink. Thermal compound paste fills in any microscopic gaps and helps to create a smooth surface for heat transfer.

Best Thermal Compound Paste For gaming PC

By doing so, you can reduce CPU temperatures by up to 10 degrees Celsius When it comes to keeping our gaming PCs cool, we often take a lot of steps to ensure optimum performance. One of the most important, yet often overlooked, is ensuring that our Thermal Compound Paste is up to par. The thermal compound helps transfer heat away from your CPU and GPU, keeping them running cool and stable. So, what’s the best way to apply thermal paste, and which brands are out there? We’ve got all the answers right here!


Here Best Thermal Compound Paste For gaming PC


1. ARCTIC MX-4 Thermal Compound Paste

Arctic MX 4 heatsink paste is available in 2 to 45 grams of sizes, The fact that Arctic MX4 is electrically non-conductive is a reason to pick it over AS5. This would be advantageous if the compound spreads over the ceramic capacitor that surrounds the CPU die and causes no problems. whereas AS5 cures over time into a thick paste containing silver tiny particles, implying that it will eventually become conducting.

The company claims lasts up to 8 years of worry-free application MX – 4 Greece paste would be a great choice if your gaming PC heats too much. Also, you can change the CPU cooler fan and clean your PC with the help of a cleaning kit.

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2. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Grease Paste

This is a very demanding thermal paste for the CPU and comes with 1 gram of packaging. The company recommended this in all situations whether you are overclocking your CPU, or sub-zero overclocking. If you want to cool down your PC while gaming or productivity so install the best air or water cooler and apply thermal grizzly kryonaut thermal paste for better performance.

Best Thermal Compound Paste For gaming PC

The thermal paste country of origin is Japan and provides very well packaging with a spatula to make application very easy. You can apply 1 to 2 times from this small1 grams package but it last long up to 5 to 8 years so it’s value for money.

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3. Cooler Master Mastergel Pro Thermal Paste

The Best Thermal Compound Paste For gaming PC from the Cooler master is mainly made for High performance. Comes in very great packaging and also they provide an old grease cleaner tool for a better way to apply new thermal paste on the CPU. If your system getting too much heat while gaming or have a task then of course you should apply a good thermal paste and a cooler master gel is a great option under budget.

Given its promised 8-year shelf life, the thermal paste should have a longer shelf life, but I’m already impressed on a daily basis. I was able to increase the core voltage by 30mv and still only reach 64 degrees. Great product at a reasonable price when compared to Thermal Grizzly.

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4. Noctua NT-H1 3.5g, Pro-Grade Thermal Compound Paste

The NT-H1 from Noctua is a well-known hybrid thermal compound with over 150 awards and recommendations from worldwide hardware websites and magazines. It has been a firm favorite among overclockers and enthusiast users throughout the world because of its remarkable performance, ease of use, and long-term reliability.

NT-H1 is a proven premium paste that is assured to give exceptional results, whether it’s for air or water-based cooling, CPU or GPU applications, overclocking, or silent systems. NT-H1 is one of the most easily cleaned thermal compounds available: Simply wipe a dry tissue or paper towel over the CPU and heatsink, then wipe them clean with a moist tissue or towel. There’s no need for cleaning alcohol or solvent!

There is no need to manually disseminate NT-H1 before installing the cooler because of its exceptional spreading properties: Simply apply some paste to the CPU (details in the instructions), then place the heatsink on top and you’re ready to go!

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Final Words about Best Thermal Compound Paste For gaming PC

This article has looked at some of the best thermal compound pastes for gaming PC. We have looked at the features of each paste and how they can benefit your gaming PC. To conclude, we recommend that you check out the products we have featured and choose the one that best suits your needs.


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