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Best PC monitor Under 5000 Rs in India

A PC monitor is a requirement and must-have part of the Computer world, and a good computer monitor starts with the price of up to 5k. Here I am going to make a list with the name of Best PC monitor Under 5000 Rs in India with specifications and Buying links.

Best PC monitor Under 5000 Rs

Usually, These are basic monitors to do a daily basis task but you can play light games as well. In this price segment, you will not get the much-expected product but these monitors are best for daily uses.

Listed monitors available with an LED-backlit display with HD resolution so, the quality of the screen is decent you can watch movies, videos and also do every kind of document work related to writing, reading, and internet surfing.

Few points before purchasing –

Display Type – These days almost all the PC monitors have LED display technology and should be because LED displays consume less electricity and give better display backlight. You will feel the LED quality in front of LCD display technology.

Tilt feature – Yes in this price point also you can get a tilt feature in your display, and the best thing of the tilted display is viewing angle. You can adjust your Best PC monitor Under 5000 Rs display according to your sitting position.

Connectivity – Connectivity is the main source where you can connect another device to operate files and transfer the data as well. I don’t say that all the connectivity options should be available in this price category monitors but at least A USB port and VGA port both are must-have.

Display Response time and refresh rate – Display response time should be 5ms with a 60 Hz refresh rate to take the best experience of your monitor display.

Warranty & Service – Before buying a new computer monitor just look at their brand warranty and services, in electronic gadgets and components warranty is a must.

Brands – In the online market many brands are available on Amazon and Flipkart and they give better services and a manufacturing warranty up to 1 to 3 years. That is very good, in my opinion, few brands are better for those who don’t want to change monitor very frequently.

List of Best PC monitor Under 5000 Rs

1. Enter 15.4 inch Full HD Monitor

2. frontech FT-1995 led Monitor

3. ZEBSTER 15.4 inch HD LED Backlit Monitor

4. Secureye LED Monitor 15.4

5. Consistent 15.4″ Wide LED Monitor

Display and Design

All the listed above top 10 PC monitors are the best in this price segment, these monitors have 15 to 19.5 inches of LED display and I told you above an LED display produces a more punchy color than an LCD or TFT display. The LED light source also consumes less energy and good for eyes as well.

The best monitor for PC comes with Display response time 4 to 5ms with a 60 Hz refresh rate and 200 nits of brightness to take the best experience of your monitor display.

If we are talking about viewing angle, so all the monitors give you almost 90 degrees of horizontal and 65 degrees of vertical flexible experience. In my opinion, viewing angle is the most important thing in the display sector because while working on it depends on sitting positions.

Any of these budget PC monitors made of solid ABS plastic and just to see the price segment you can not find Bazzel less design but all the monitors have minimal little large bezels, which looks quite good. By the way, all the best monitor for PC has its own table stand design.

Also, many models of this list have a tilted feature which will be very helpful for you while working on a very serious project and long time writing project. While working a long time with the desk the sitting position cause pain on the neck so be safe and choose the best monitor with 5 Degree to 15 Degree tilt feature.

Connectivity and Inputs

The best PC monitor under 5000 Rs in India comes with a VGA input for connecting your CPU and do whatever you want. These best computer monitors are standard price segment components of PC so these are not equipped with many connectivity ports.

In this best computer monitor below 5k, you will also get a USB and HDMI port in a few models so, if your requirement is a USB port on a monitor so should go for that model right.

If we are talking about button inputs so, the power button and some functions operating buttons to operate volume down and plus with some setting control buttons with a power LED light punction input for convenience using.


These days technology is growing very fast and in-display sector many technologies come at a cheaper price like anti-flicker, Anti-glare, BlueLightShield technology, and surface treatment. These are must-have new display technology, which increases user experience and also helpful for eyes.

With these display features, you can sit in front of your computer desk and do lots of work without any issue, and without newer display technologies for longer duration work or watching content it may halm your eyes. Be careful and choose the best for your eyes.

The energy-saving technology also builds with these budget pc monitors, which can save your electrical energy, especially for those who use monitors very heavy, like students, writers, graphic designers, and programmers. They do lots of work and projects and the best PC monitor under 5000 Rs consumes less energy.

Monitor uses

Any gadget should buy According to uses, and the best monitor for PC can be used for any work like graphic designing, writing, office work, programming, casual net surfing and study as well.

These budget pc monitors are extremely powerful for these type uses and you can trust them if your budget 5k then surely any PC monitor of these will not disappoint you.


Warranty is a very important service given by brands and in electronic components, it’s very much demanding service by customers. You don’t worry here all the listed best PC monitor under 5000 Rs in India comes with 1 to 3 years of onsite warranty.

In most cases, monitors, Televisions’ display run almost more than 5 to 10 years without any problems. By the way, if you are facing any problem in this best monitor for PC below 5k so you can directly contact monitor brands’ customer care and take help.

Let’s Unbox

When you receive your order of monitor, I know the feeling and excitement of that moment. So let’s unbox the package and see the package content.

In the box, you will get the best PC Monitor with good packaging, warranty card, 1 power cable, and of course a VGA cable to connect your CPU and fulfill your display requirement. Consumers raise complain in the review section of the damaged products that is not a solution.

If your packaging got damaged while shipping and export the product. Remember, if your best PC monitor under 5000 Rs is fine then it will be great but if damage so just returns it within the return policy period and under terms & conditions.

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