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5 Best Monitor For Gaming under 15000 With 144Hz Refresh Rate

Gaming is not for gamers only it’s going to be a trending topic these days. You can play high-end games on mobile and tablet but a big-screen gaming experience goes to the next level, and with 144Hz Refresh Rate Monitor For Gaming, it will blow your mind. Always gaming enthusiasts prefer a higher refresh rate than a normal 60 and 65Hz, A higher refresh rate feature improves refreshing your display in a millisecond and it will improve visibility of any objects more clear and fast.

Best Monitor For Gaming under 15000


List of 5 Best Monitor For Gaming under 15000 With 144Hz Refresh Rate


  • LG UltraGear PC Monitor

LG UltraGear one of the best gaming monitors with a Refresh Rate 144Hz and due to its higher refresh rate it pushes it about 1ms native response, which is great at this price. The Screen Size is 24″ inches with 1920 x 1080 of Full HD resolution and they used TN Panel technology to improve the gaming experience with 170/160 Viewing Angle.

It produces 300 nits Brightness to watch every content very bright and clear, you can connect your CPU with this via Display Port and has 2 HDMI ports for and advance connectivity of graphics card. A speaker or headphone is a must for gaming so here headphone output port is available for listening to gaming music or others. Few extra features are inbuilt in this best monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate like Radeon Free sync, Dynamic Action Sync, Custom Gaming Mode. Which will improve your gaming in any way whether in the dark area or bright.

The best Best Monitor For Gaming under 15000 With a 144Hz Refresh Rate gives you 3 years of warranty, and a VESA mount and a display cable are included in the box.

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  • MSI Optix G24C4 high refresh rate monitor

MSI Optix is a Curved Gaming display and with a curved monitor, you can take the best gameplay immersion. It comes with a 144Hz higher Refresh Rate, which makes an even smoother gaming experience than an expensive normal refresh rate monitor. 1ms Response Time keeps it as fast as possible and 144Hz and 1 ms response time works very well. The frame of all sides of the display is very thin or you can say this is a frameless monitor.

Best Monitor For Gaming under 15000

The best monitor or gaming under 15000 with a 144Hz refresh rate comes with advanced features like Wide Color Gamut. That enhances the details and color of the whole display and after the feature is turned on it increases the visibility of any objects and improves color which looks more realistic. An AMD FreeSync technology gives proper gameplay without any frame drops. 3 years of warranty makes it more reliable and trustworthy.

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  • Samsung Curved Desktop Monitor

It is a 24″ inches Curved Gaming Monitor from Samsung with a 144hz refresh rate, due to its 1800R curved design and fewer bezels it gives an immersive gaming experience. Other technologies and features are inbuilt in this best monitor for gaming under 15000 and AMD FreeSync technology gives you without any dream drop gaming and visual experience. The Samsung PC monitor comes with 3 years of warranty.

The curved gaming monitor has game mode and a 3000:1 display contrast ratio which produces a more clear and natural color with the boosted black area. The display size is 23.5 Inches with Tilt Adjustment feature so you can watch from any angle according to your sitting positions.

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  • Lenovo G-Series Gaming Monitor

It is a 24.5-inch gaming monitor from Lenovo and the design of the Edgeless bezel makes it a super cool monitor for gaming and another purpose too. The display resolution is FHD with HDR decoding technology gives a clear picture and visual quality. 400 nits brightness help s to watch clear display even in the bright sunlight. 3 years of manufacturing warranty from the brand makes it the best value for a money gaming monitor.

Motion blur with a 144 Hz refresh rate and 1ms response reduces ghosting, frame drops, and blur, which increases visual experience during gaming and gives clear and boosted color for better gaming. AMD Radeon FreeSync technology helps to reduce almost no stuttering and tearing. TÜV Rheinland Eye certification makes it a harmless pc monitor because it shows a blue light filter and also, flicker-free technology reduces almost eye fatigue.

To connecting it from the CPU has DisplayPort, and HDMI, for music it has an audio out port.

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  • ViewSonic VX2458 Curved Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic PC monitor delivers a curved screen design with a 1800R curved viewing angle with panoramic images and more features like vivid Color with 1080P full HD resolution. Which produces an extremely clear and rich color of display content. A curved gaming monitor always gives a better gaming experience than a regular flat display design monitor. Ultra-fast 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate give an advanced level gaming.

best monitor for gaming under 15000

The best monitor for gaming under 15000 comes with AMD Free Sync technology, which improves frame rate and you can play games without any frame drops.  Inbuilt Game on mode which is a pre-customizable mode for visuals that keeps ready for any esports and RTS, MOBA, and FPS games. For connectivity HDMI, and DisplayPort has been given in this monitor to connect your CPU with this.

Always we prefer a warranty on electronic product and here 3-year of manufacturing warranty coverage is available with this product.

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Conclusion about best monitor for gaming under 15000

The best gaming monitor with higher refresh technology is a decent way to experience premium gaming. These all are 144Hz refresh rate PC monitor under 15k and has a Blue light filter and AMD sync technology that gives unbeatable gaming experience without any harm in your eyes. A stand and display port cable included with all the listed above the desktop monitors. If you love playing games then choose or upgrade your gaming monitor from this best monitor for gaming under 15000 list.

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