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Best Fastest External SSD Under 10000 Rs With USB Type-C

If you are searching for the Best Fastest External SSD Under 10000 Rs, then you are on the right page on google. Here you will find all the fast external solid state drives with details and buying links.

Best Fastest External SSD Under 10000 Rs

New era and new technology with the fastest DATA transfer speed, preferred by young generations, become very popular now a day. All the phones comes with C-type port and cable for fast charging technology and also provides transfer the data in speed.

Here we will talk about the Best Fastest External SSD Under 10000 Rs, which comes with USB 3.1 Type C connectivity, Solid build quality. Because of USB 3.0 technology, it delivers up to 540 MB/s transferring the speed of DATA.

Not all, but in this list you will get few External Solid State Drive with IP55 certification. This will prevent your SSD from accidental drops in water areas, with the IP55 water-proofing technology your all the Data will safe after dropping the SSD in the water.

Why Should buy a Best Fastest External Solid State Drive


External Data Space

First point is clear, if you are want to keep your data in the drive, so why not to buy a faster SSD in this new technology era? An SSD allows you to keep your data in a device and can transfer where ever you want with a compatible other device.

Keep Data Safe With You

In a safer way to keep your Data with you is an external solid state drive, you can protect it via password and keep data safe. Other substitute like online backup drives are too to keep data backup with you, but not anywhere.

The Best Fastest External SSD Under 10000 Rs can work in any place you don’t need any network or internet connectivity option. An online backup solution can work only under an internet network.

Probable Size 

Yes, all the fastest Solid State Drive comes in a compact size, and many SS drives company offers a pouch in the package too. Also, in the market many brands provide pouches. If your SSD not included with a pouch, buy a pouch online.

IP55 Rating

In the below list few models have this IP55 water-proofing certification and for kind information it fully protects your SSD from water drops or water. It protects your data in any condition so choose these kinds of inbuilt features fastest SSD.

Fast Data Transfer Speed

This is the post about Best Fastest SSD Below 10k and all the external Solid State drive comes with USB 3.0 Type C. Which provides best and fastest Data speed up to 540 MB/s.


Details of Best Fastest External SSD Under 10000 Rs

1. SanDisk 500GB IP55 Rated

SanDisk is a well-known brand, which makes storage devices like HDD, SSD, memory card and pen-drives. This 500GB external solid state drive comes with IP55 water proofing technology, it means can survive underwater, dust, splash and spills.

The best fastest External SSD under 10000 Rs inbuilt with USB 3.0 Type C port, that provides ultimate fast speed up to 540 MB per second. Size wise, very compact and small so and this is portable external SSD so you can keep in your pocket or bag and go where-ever you want.

Best Fastest External SSD Under 10000 Rs

SanDisk 500GB device support windows, 8, 8.1, windows 7, windows 10 and Other platform MAC OS, High Sierra, Sierra. Shock resistant feature makes it extra durable and also comes with 3 years of warranty.

A portable external SSD which comes with many features and rugged design with extra shock and water resistant certification. Makes it best buy in the best External SSD with C type port list.

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2. Samsung T5

This is the Samsung external solid state drive, which comes with a metal body with shock resistant internal frame that prevents it from damage after fall on the surface from up to 2 meters. For metal framing it looks shiny and strong but yet tiny and compact so you can keep it in your pocket and go to your office or college.

Best Fastest External SSD Under 10000 Rs

As you know this is a fastest SSD below 10k which means it comes with 3.0 Type C port, which delivers up to 540 MB per second of Data transferring speed. The SSD has AES 256 bit for hardware encryption and you can set your own password too.

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3. Seagate Fast SSD 500 GB

Such a sleek and compact design Seagate fast SSD 500 GB gives very premium feel with a solid build and a portable design with shock resistant layer. That protects your SSD from accidental falls on the surface from up to 2 meters.

The C-Type USB 3.0 Gen provides up to 540 MB per second of Data transfer speed. These are the best protective SSD which included in this list and this one has also hardware encryption and you can set the password to protecting your valuable Data.

Best Fastest External SSD Under 10000 Rs

The inbuilt folder syncing feature makes it more advanced best fastest SSD under 10000 Rs in India, which can manage important files up to date. In the package the C Type cable included so need not buy it.

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4. Western Digital My Passport Go

This WD My Passport Go SSD comes in a black and blue color combo. The external solid state drive build from a metal and solid rubber grip on the sides to protect it from damages. The design and looks are modern and it is pocket friendly External SSD so take it anywhere.

More features make every device extra smart and this has Drop-resistant which protects it from drops from up to 2 meters. It includes C Type cable in the box, for more convenience feature it works on windows and MAC both.

It provides 400 MB per second cause it has 3.0 generation C- Type port. You can transfer your Data in or out in a speed.

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5. Seagate Expansion SSD

Seagate Expansion faster SSD in this price range is a steal deal with USB 3.0 C Type technology that provides you an ultimate 540 MB per second data transferring speed for in and out data transfer.

The external texture finish makes it non-slippery device and size wise it is very compact and pocket friendly, so you can keep it with you anywhere. It comes in many colors like gray, black, camo blue, green and red combo.

Just make your data backup and use and transfer via windows, PC, laptop or mac from anywhere. Also, it comes with auto sync means it manage your deletes and remove files automatically. The best fastest external SSD under 10000 Rs comes with 3 years of warranty to keep your data safe with the password.

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6. Transcend ESD220C 480GB

This is one of the best external SSD. Which comes in a very compact design and looking like a cute small debit card. The fastest SSD comes in black color with non-slippery textured. That looks amazing and gives an extra grip. Amazing device with pocket friendly size can keep your many Gigabytes data safe and secure.

The best external SSD under 10000 Rs in India comes with Built-in SLC caching. Which gives exceptionally high data transfer speed. Also, has 3.1 Type C port technology for speedy data transfer and makes drive future-proof.


You can Lock & unlock the best and fastest portable SSD via Transcend Elite app from smartphone or windows software from PC. This feature makes it extra secure device to keep Data safe, set your own password to protect more.

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Conclusion – 

These are the fast solid state drives, which come below 10k price range segment and have many powerful features. Like IP55 rating, 3.0 and 1 Gen Type C port for speedy data transfer. The non-slippery pattern to make sure it will not slip from pocket and hand.

The Best Fastest External SSD under 10000 Rs comes with up to 500 GB capacity. Which fair enough but if you require more space to keep your valuable data as a backup file. Then visit above any buy now links and choose the right size for you.

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