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You have two choices when it comes to buying your first gaming computer: either buy a pre-configured one or build one yourself. What processor should you choose? Which factor is the most important for better gaming performance? This buying guide will give you some tips on how to purchase your first gaming computer and ensure that it is correctly priced with the best performance.

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Although consoles are the most popular gaming platform, PCs offer many benefits. Not only are they more versatile (since they can be used for many things other than playing games), but because of the “exclusive” PC games, like League of Legends and Valorant. There are also a wide variety of strategy and MOBA games that aren’t available on consoles. Let’s take a look at the elements that you need to consider when purchasing your first gaming computer.

Do you need a pre-configured computer?

The best option for purchasing a gaming computer is to buy one that has been installed in a physical store. However, these stores are often more focused on exterior design and marketing, leaving the internal components behind.

These OEM computers often have OEM power supplies without quality guarantees, stock heatsinks and don’t use dual-channel RAM. They also don’t provide the expected performance in terms of noise and temperature. We will not recommend purchasing an OEM computer for gaming except in very limited circumstances.

We can only recommend this if the customer is willing to spend very little and opts instead for a pre-assembled computer with all the hardware needed to solve any problem. They will also be able to handle the manufacturer’s warranty. It is important to not deal with the store. If this is the case, a computer built from parts assembled by a specialist shop is always recommended.

You can choose the parts you want, and you have the option to assemble the PC yourself. Most online shops offer assembly services that are high-quality and come with a 100% guarantee. Although you may need to spend more, the quality and guarantee that you receive is well worth it.

These are the most important components of a gaming machine

We’re not building a PC; we’re building a gaming computer. We must therefore consider the cost of the hardware components we will be installing. It is almost certain that we will have to sacrifice some components in order to get better ones.

In that order, the most important components of a gaming computer are the graphics card, processor, and RAM. The processor is the computer’s brain, and it is necessary for all kinds of games. The graphics card determines how good and detailed the games are. The RAM speed and amount of RAM also have an impact on game performance. A fast storage system is crucial for game loading.

You can choose between AMD or Intel processors. The latter is generally cheaper and offers a better quality/price ratio. NVIDIA or AMD graphics are available. AMD graphics offer a better price/performance ratio while NVIDIA graphics outperform AMD graphics for pure performance. 8GB RAM will be sufficient for most cases. However, 16GB is recommended if you are looking to play in style with a larger budget.

An SSD is the best storage option. An SSD is the best storage option for gamers, regardless of your budget.

How do you know if a component is worth its weight?

While you may have an idea of what you want, based on your budget and other factors, how do you know if a component will work? Because both processors and graphics have complicated names, it might be difficult to tell if an NVIDIA Radeon RX 560 is better than an AMD Radeon RX 660.

We recommend you spend some time searching the Internet to find reviews and comparisons of processors and graphics cards that fit your budget.

To determine if a piece of hardware is compatible with the games you are interested in, benchmarks can be found in reviews. It is often tested in games to see how many frames it can produce.

There are other things you should consider when buying a gaming laptop

Before you decide on a piece of gear, consider your claims. The bottom line is that buying a gaming computer for your child to play Fortnite at 4K resolution is different from buying one for them to play triple-A titles at 4K resolution. Budgets are also vastly different.

A gaming computer that costs around 500 Euros will be sufficient to play Fortnite at 1080p. However, a gaming machine that is capable of running Witcher 3 at 4K resolution with maximum settings will cost at least three times the amount.

Instead of relying on your PC’s speakers, or purchasing multiple speakers, you can invest in the best soundbar. The soundbar will provide you with excellent immersion whether you are playing games, watching TV or movies.


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