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Best PC monitor Under 10000 Rs in India

I posted an article in my previous post about budget PC monitor under 5k, and now extend the budget segment 5k to 10k. Here I am going to publish a list of Best PC monitor Under 10000 Rs in India with 1 to 3 years of warranty and premium features.

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These monitors for PC can be used for any type of work or gaming as well as. Yes, you can use any of these monitors for video editing, graphic design, gaming or office use as well. This is the standard price of a multi-purpose PC monitor.

Best PC monitor Under 10000 Rs

In this race of best monitor for PC below 10k, many brands are running and give many item models with different features, price and warranty up to 1 to 3 years. The best part of the electronic product is the warranty more warranty makes that product very reliable.

The best thing about these PC monitors that many connectivity ports, which are cool and useful because you can directly connect HDMI cable, USB cable, pen drives from the monitor, Also, has functions button inputs to drive many settings via a computer monitor.

Who Can Buy a Best PC monitor Under 10000 Rs

A casual User

If you are a casual user then surely you will enjoy this PC monitor because in casual internet surfing and most common use like PowerPoint presentations, word, excel and many more applications.

The big display, many display features, and technology will impress and increase your PC uses experience with full HD resolution, technology like anti-flicker, anti-glare, Blue Light Shield, etc. In all the aspects a monitor for PC around this price won’t disappoint.

A Video Editor

For video editing, a Full HD resolution monitor with a 60 to 75 Hz refresh rate with many display technologies is enough. These are the best monitor for PC which comes with -5 to 20 degree tilted angle mechanism and it helps to sit in front of a desk and do more work.

I am also a video and photo editor and use Full HD monitor with same specifications listed above, till date I am not facing any issue, all the process working fine. One thing more for video editing a CPU configurations matter more than an expensive PC monitor.

A multimedia user

If you are love watching music and tutorial videos, also full HD movies so you are in the right place. This type Best PC monitor Under 10000 Rs in India is best for you in a budget price monitor you will get all the premium features.

For multimedia in these computer monitors, you will get in many models an HDMI, VGA, AUX, and USB port so you can directly enjoy multimedia videos on a Full HD monitor.

A Casual and mid-level Gamer

Yes, all types of games can run on this Full HD display monitor without any hiccups. If you are a gamer or plays game daily so this full HD monitor is suitable for you.

These Full HD PC monitor below 10k has connectivity options like HDMI, VGA, USB so you can easily connect your gaming device and play your favorite games on it.

List of Full HD PC Monitors

1. Acer Nitro QG221Q Full HD Gaming Monitor

2. Lenovo L-Series 54.6cm FHD IPS Ultraslim Monitor

3. Acer 21.5 inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor

4. PHILIPS 21.5″ IPS Panel Moniter

5. LG 55cm (22 inch) Gaming Monitor

6. AOC 22B2H 21.5″ Slim Monitor

Specifications of Best PC monitor Under 10000 Rs

Here all the specifications are available to point by point so, let’s get started with Display & design –

Display & Design

Display and design why comes first because the first impression is the last impression. In the design segment, these Full HD monitors are superb, with 3 sides less or bezel-less design impresses me a lot which comes in almost up to 20” inches to 24 inches.

I remember An older era of big bezel display monitors with VGA or HD resolution, and boring design at a higher price. Now bezel-less design with Full HD resolution and premium display technology at a budget price segment.

So, here all the things should be clear in your mind, that these Full HD monitors below 10k give more than you spend. Yes, A full HD resolution, many displays technologies, An almost 3 sides bezel-less design looks very modern and cool.

Best PC monitor Under 10000 Rs

The best monitor for PC comes with a solid and good looking stand if the monitor body-color is silver so the stand will be also silver same as black and gray. Also, these are wall mountable Full HD monitors so be happy and install on the wall.

On the back design also you find only some connectivity ports and simple sleek design than an older very thick PC monitor. If we see an overall design so these are the very sleek and thin best Full HD monitor below 10k which can be used for multi-purpose.

Refresh Rate, response time & Resolution

The Best PC monitor under 10000 Rs comes with Full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution with 60 to 75 Hz refresh rate. The brightness is an upper level up to 200 nits to 300, which is very enough you can use these types of monitors for PC directly under the sunlight.

If I say, the high refresh-rate is not compulsory for everyone only a gamer can define refresh rate, for video editing you can also buy a high refresh rate full HD PC monitor. Otherwise, go for a 60 Hz refresh rate you will enjoy every kind of content on it.

In this section, I want to add some premium features and technologies which are related to displaying and can impact the user experience. Many models in this listed PC monitors have eye care, AMD Radeon Free-Sync Technology, Anti-flicker, Blue-light shield filter can improve your user experience.

Many more aspect depends on gaming and video editing and response time is one of them, so here a few models have 1ms quick response time display. That is great if you love gaming so choose this type of specifications.


Almost all the PC monitors listed in this The Best PC monitor under 10000 Rs in India list comes with 1 or 2-watts dual speakers. If you love to listen and watching music videos, movies or tutorials so you don’t need to install external speakers because these in-built speakers are enough to entertain.

With the in-built speakers, one more thing attracts you that is the cleanness of the desk, yes without any external speakers wire you can listen to every kind of music or watch movies, etc. If you choose a full HD PC monitor without in-built speakers, you have to install an external speaker box.

Connectivity Ports & Inputs

In the connectivity section, it won’t matter for everyone because in the CPU all the connectivity options are there to connect A USB, HDMI cable, VGA, AUX, etc. Still, these full HD PC desktop Monitors have An HDMI, VGA, DVI-D, and D-sub ports.


The best part of the electronic components is a warranty and The Best PC monitor under 10000 Rs comes with 1 to 3 years of warranty. Which means tension-free full HD PC monitor. Also, the buying process is easy with the online market and return the product as well.


These are the best desktop monitors with all the premium features and advanced technologies, which makes uses experience at the next level. At this price point, you will get every brand monitor like ASUS, Acer, Benq, AOC, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Samsung, and LG, etc.

If you concern about your neck health so just look this type of best desktop Monitor below 10k, which comes with up to 178 degrees horizontal and vertical tilted feature with all the eye protection display technologies.

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