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Best Custom PC Builder Websites in India {Build My PC}

Hey guys, welcome back to the super-duper amazing Best Custom PC Builder Websites in India article where we will go to know which website is best and significantly build your PC and provide you at your home via a delivery box. Also, they are professional and will include PC components as you say and this is a great method to solve your query about how you can make your PC at home? without going anywhere.


Firstly you have to decide your budget and then go for building your PC


See the first and most important thing is budget and in this time you can build your PC for casual work at around 20 to 25k, where you can finish your daily work without having any issues. For the gaming purpose, you have to spend more money like 40k to 60k and go on for the best gaming and in this budget monitor and keyboards are not included. So, guys, the first decide for which propose you want to build custom PC in India like, productivity, gaming, casual purpose then go to below-given PC build websites in India and choose pc components and build your computer.


i remember those days when I wanted to build my PC for normal and productivity purpose and I had to go to Nehru place because I am living in Gurgaon so the best place in India to build a PC is nearby me that is Nehru place and suddenly from 2 to 3 years all has changed you can build won PC at home to your self by ordering all the PC building components online but this is the time taking and knowledgeable process.


Now The best way to build a gaming PC or productivity PC system, you have to just order according to your needs and they provide you your new PC at home at an amazing price and this is a ridiculous change in the PC industry. Now time to fully happy because don’t need to go outside in the market to search for a place to build my PC and spend precious time because we are going to know about the Best Custom PC Builder Websites in India.


Let’s take a look at Best Custom PC Builder Websites in India List



Best Custom PC Builder Websites in India

Located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, PC studio is one of the more seasoned organizations recorded here, having been established back in 1993 with the name of ANKIT INFOTECH. Experience gives a good reason for itself here. At the point when you at the site, it turns out to be completely clear why they have remained so mainstream in their specialty.

PC studio sells a wide mixed group of gaming PCs, including everything from mid-range PCs planned for eSports to gigantic fan-grade gaming machines. In almost the same way as with most different organizations of this sort, their custom configurator is in a good mood both to those definitely skilled in PC and the people who aren’t, and they offer a wide segment choice for their custom PCs.

When it comes to a variety of brands and products so no complaints here, because they selling all the PC parts and components of all the valuable brands. Even they provide various purpose monitors and gaming chairs, also they deal in single components so you can buy single PC components online at a great price. If you are looking to build my PC so It is one of the best niches to build a PC from this Best Custom PC Builder Websites in India List, and Want to visit – Click Here

2. Bitkart

Best Custom PC Builder Websites in India

bitcart is a trusted brand where you can build any kind of PC and they deliver to your home in India easily. If you see their website so it looks completely clear no ads and no extra information and branding. You can say ”NAAM HI KAFI HAI” and a clean look and great minimum navigation menus make it in every aspect a clear winner. This is located at Nehru place Delhi and they provide offline and online PC build both.


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If you live in Delhi NCR then you can go for a visit once, they deal in gaming rigs, productivity PC, and provide pre-built pc as well for those who don’t know much about PC build. If you know about PC build then surely you would go for custom rigs. The most important and valuable part of this PC building niche is they provide live video from their end when they are building your PC and recommend or ask anything change in or about your choice.

In India, it can be your choice if you are looking for Best Custom PC Builder Websites in India List. Also, they provide 1 year of manufacturing defects warranty so in case of any manufacturing defects you will get can contact them to ask for help. for more information and PC building – Click Here

3. PCmonster

PC Monster has been following through on its guarantee to construct the best PC build for the most trusted customers. They deal in various types of PC building means you can click on given menu links like Budget PC, Workstation, Ultimate PC and Monster PC after that they recommend components according to needs and propose. also, choose according to your mind.

PC Monster works personally with brands like Intel, AMD, Asus, MSI, Western Digital, Gigabyte, NVIDIA, and some more. The clear interface without any ads and Prevalent execution, great innovation, and unwavering quality make PC beast. in the expert in PC gaming equipment. They not trading off in conveyance timing since they guarantee to you that the vast majority of your orders are dispatched through expedited service utilizing prestigious accomplices like Bluedart, FedEx, and DTDC.

They are located in Mayur Vihar, Delhi and you can live chat or WhatsApp about your orders and query related to PC build from their Website. For genuine people, it is one of the great niches in this Best Custom PC Builder Website in India list. and for more info – Click Here


Located in Cochin, Kerala TECHBLD COMPUTERS provides a various range of pre-built PC and computer components at a great price. The PC build website interface is very clean super accessible with various menu types so you can choose according to your budget and purpose they also deal in peripherals, PC monitors, and gaming chairs. If you are looking for a custom-made PC and don’t have enough knowledge about PC building so go to this niche and select your budget they have many build options.



  1. 3D Modelling / Rendering
  2. Gaming / Streaming
  3. Home / Office
  4. CAD / Simulation
  5. Content Creation
  6. Graphics Designing

CPU Series

  1.  Ryzen 5
  2. Intel Core i5
  3. Ryzen 7
  4. Intel Core i9
  5. Ryzen 9


The above menu is given on this website for quickly building your PC and I want to say that this is a great way to understand the customers and their needs. Also, you can inquiry about your PC build via Whatsapp chat and they support via mail as well. If you are searching for the Best Custom PC Builder Websites in India List then this will help you to build your PC. want to know more – Click Here

5. Themevp

Best Custom PC Builder Websites in India

This is the company where you can build your gaming rig, fastest rendering PC, for productivity work and so on, they manage every kind of build with the engineers’ team, and full of confidence and knowledge people established this MVP brand in 2015 and provides the best service for easily building you PC.

If you don’t know much about PC building and want to build your gaming rig or productivity PC then surely you will love this clear and clean interface with a great navigation system and also this is an absolutely ads-free website. Mostly they provide peripherals too like gaming keyboards, mice, PC monitors, and has 2 more categories build your PC and Pre-build PC, and here you can choose according to your budget and needs.

Also, navigate the review section and read many positive reviews about PC building and delivering the orders. Most reviews are genuine and in my opinion, it’s a great niche to build your PC easily with payment protections as well. Are you crazy about gaming and looking for the best place to build my PC then the Best Custom PC Builder Websites in India List and ThemVP is for you. Want to know more – Click Here


Final Words about Best Custom PC Builder Websites in India


These are the best websites where you can order to build your PC for gaming, 3D rendering, productivity, and casual work as well. All the website owners provide various payment methods like UPI, debit card, credit card, wallet payments, and in some cases you can payment in cash. All the PC build website gives warranty of the whole build if your product gets damaged in transit so they take care of that and provide a full warranty.

In the meantime, these are the best PC maker niches for those who don’t want to spend much time building a PC for themselves or don’t have well knowledge to make gaming or productive computer system. They help people to choose the right PC components for their needs. If you have any query related to this Computer building article then please feel free to ask and comment below.

Thank You 🙂

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